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about melting pot

We are a strategic agency

Melting Pot is an innovative think-tank working in the fields of business and marketing consulting. We help launch new products and brands, as well as growing category leaders. We develop effective communication strategies for B2B and B2C. We research, analyse and describe market and cultural environment in which our Clients’ businesses operate. We support their thinking with our multi-faceted knowledge of all market categories. The consumer is always at the centre of everything we do.

About me

Strategy Consultant & Partner

Radek Kaczmarek

Strategy Planner and Consultant with long-term experience in top interactive and 360° marketing agencies. Worked for companies including Interactive Solutions, Saatchi & Saatchi, FireFly Creation and Ars Thanea.

Was responsible for the communication strategy of brands like: Volkswagen Bank, P&G for CEMEA portfolio, CitiBank, Orange, T-Mobile, Heyah, BGŻ Optima, Axe, Nivea and Visa. Enthusiastic about new technologies and up-and-coming solutions, he specializes in brand strategy for digital and e-commerce channels.

He leads trainings in brand strategy, communication, consumer insights, brief development and brands’ e-commerce presence. Author of numerous publications regarding marketing strategy on and Marketing w Praktyce. Graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and Poznan University of Economics.

Very passionate about motorization, fishing and financial markets’ mechanics.

Brand & business consulting

We identify growth areas and advise companies on how to approach marketing and communication so that they fulfil business objectives most effectively. In the process we use our own research, workshop and planning methods.

Brand positioning

We know how to establish effective positioning and long-term brand strategy. We suggest how to move across the competitive market and what’s the one right strategy to win. We advise both big global players and nascent businesses. We develop solutions for B2B and B2C.

Strategy planning

We design innovative communication strategies that are always concordant with the ever-changing market, consumer and media landscape. We recommend what, to whom and where should they communicate to outrun the competition.

Cross-media ideas

We move fluently throughout traditional and modern communication channels. We show how to make use of the newest instruments and technology to create strong, distinctive brands. Our team integrates brand building and positioning competences with a strategic know-how in digital / mobile / e-commerce / shopper channels.

Digital strategy & innovation

We suggest how to create and develop companies in e-commerce, as well as building and executing digital communication. We support startups and business innovators. We advise how to grow business cost-effectively.

Business intelligence

We offer qualitative and quantitative research, and above all we thoroughly analyse various market, business and consumer data, distilling the essence that is indispensible for the Client’s growth.

Melting Pot Strategic Collective was founded on February 2012. Since then we have worked on over 200 strategic projects for Polish and foreign Clients. This work includes both running communication briefs with our Agency partners and holistic strategic projects for over 50 Clients.


An independent agency on the market since 2012.


During these years we have established strategies for over 50 Clients.


our philosophy

One idea to rule all media

The overly proclaimed division for traditional and new media communication does not exist. Future of the brands is in returning to one distinctive Big Idea that will be creatively and efficiently executed across all communication channels, in line with their own dynamics and specificity. Achieving this requires long-term strategic planning backed with hard data and deep strategic know-how.

innovative think-tank


Our strength lies in our team’s diversity and hundreds of realised projects. Our experts provide complete strategic, research, business, marketing and sociological support.


hard data and observations


We believe in qualitative research and the power of quantitative data. Without them strategy would be mere intuition. We design and execute full scope of marketing research, offering innovative research approach and data analysis.


one world, countless screens


We think in terms of brands and consumers who don’t care for the division for old and new media. We continuously follow social and technological change. We know how to utilize media for tactical messaging and what technology should be chosen to reach target groups.


efficient solutions


We remain very cautious about coming-and-going trends, marketing charlatans and meaningless buzz words. We believe in verified, effective marketing solutions combined with innovative approach to our Clients’ businesses.



Brand consulting and strategy
  • Brand positioning and repositioning – we develop strong, distinctive brands and change the existing ones to address bigger market and consumer shifts.
  • Market launch strategies – we create plans for effective market entry/claiming of the market territory in Poland and abroad.
  • Market opportunities identification – we analyse the market and consumer needs and identify business growth areas.
  • New Product Development – how to develop and communicate new products. We turn products into brands.
  • Marketing campaign planning – together with the Client we devise marketing plans applicable in all communication and sales channel.
Brand portfolio strategies
  • Brand architecture and scenarios – we build strong, clear multi-brand, multi-product structures.
  • Portfolio optimization – we rearrange existing structures in line with current and future market and consumer requirements.
  • Brand audits – we assess current state, structure and functioning of the brand. And suggest a precise recommendation what should be done to enhance its’ efficiency.
  • Hybrid approach – product and consumer – we create advanced brand models that effectively utilize specific products’ qualities responding to specific consumer segment’s needs.
Business consulting
  • Due diligence – evaluating marketing value and communication potential of the brand.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – thorough business and marketing potential analysis leading to top market evolution scenarios.
  • Business intelligence – delivering precise, data-driven knowledge. Distilling the most significant data from all available elements.
  • Product portfolio solutions – we create and optimize product portfolios according to the clients’ and markets’ demands.
  • Brand development in digital and social media – how to effectively use the new media potential in B2C and B2B communication.
  • Idea consulting – we support Management in establishing the proper mission, vision, value proposition and messaging strategy.
Digital stategy & innovation
  • Omni-channel commerce strategy – holistic marketing and sales approach for e-commerce: both products and B2B/B2C services.
  • E/M-CRM consulting – effective CRM strategies and loyalty programs in digital and mobile. We know how to connect offline after-sale service with the online channel.
  • Digital & mobile ecosystems – efficient brand ecosystems in digital space, staying in touch with the consumer, on his terms.
  • Startup story – we support startups and innovative businesses.
  • Digital product development – how to develop existing digital products and services and how to use traditional channels in growing business performance.
Gaming and e-sport
  • Entry strategy into gaming and e-sports business –
    complete recommendations regarding launches into the world of gaming and e-sport.
  • Communication strategy for products/services targeted at gaming and e-sports fans – we advise what, where and what tools to use to maximize campaign results in this specific field.
  • Cooperation strategy with e-sports influencers – we recommend the right people for brands to work with.
  • For publishers and game developers – we advise how to build communication strategy and how to promote new titles – both on Polish and foreign markets.
Communication strategy
  • Communication platforms – creative, universal, attention-grabbing communication formats for B2B and B2C brands.
  • Communication planning – what, to whom, where and with what tools to maximize campaign results.
  • Consumer promotion mechanics – short-term and long-term oriented sales growth strategies.
Strategic workshops
  • Insight mining – digging deep for consumer insights.
  • Yellow Marks – strategic workshops leading to brand positioning and strategy hypotheses.
  • Creative excellence – defining key brand assets and communication optimization directions.
  • In&out workshop – quick analysis of current business situation and growth directions.
  • Missing Personas – workshops devised to work out real-life consumers that will be targeted in offline and online communication.
  • Marketing and business canvas – redefining the business and marketing model of the company and it’s brand.
  • Strategic brand audit – strategic workshop focused entirely on effective brand’s review by representatives of various company departments.
  • Social and digital ideas – defining most effective digital communication channels and activations.
  • Brand commerce development – workshops focused on online sales optimization.
Research and marketing analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative – we conduct polls, panel discussions, mobile app research, Capi and Cawi as well as qualitatives (FGI, IDI, ethnography).
  • Segmentation – research and analysis leading to precise consumer segmentation in line with the given product or service.
  • Semiotics – deepened analysis of the cultural value of the brand, category meanings, product role in consumers’ lives and archetypal meanings that can be used to effectively communicate the brand promise.
  • Category and competition research – multi-faceted market, category and competition analyses.
  • E-commerce audit – we conduct e-commerce analyses, focusing on the products’ communication and exposition on online selling platforms.
  • Brand audit (brand stories, core creative assets, benchmarking) – advanced brand condition analyses, key assets and dangers identification.
  • Trend identification and analysis – constant searching for the fresh and very fresh trends with the assessment of their current or future usefulness fort the brand’s position and objectives.
  • Consumer behaviour analysis – we examine how the consumer behaves in traditional, modern and online trade.
  • Insight hunting – we know how to find the strongest and most interesting insights for the brand’s communication needs.
  • Strategic desk research – we gather and analyse all types of data from available reports, findings and the Client data.
  • For agencies and media houses – marketing and strategy knowledge actualization.
  • For marketing departments, brand managers and product managers – advanced exercises regarding specific marketing and business problems.
  • For the Boards – specialistic, tailor-made trainings for B2B and B2C.
  • For startups – learning how to effectively exploit the innovative potential of the service while on a limited budget.
For advertising and interactive agencies
  • Full strategic support for current Clients – research, analysis, strategy, creative briefs, presentations, meetings, workshops.
  • External strategy department for Client pitches – full process support: from briefing, through creative collaboration, to Client presentation and strategic support after winning the pitch.
  • Help during critical situations – ad hoc support in tough, high-risk situations demanding quick strategic thinking.



Corporate brand communication strategy targeted at business partners and end Clients.


Business and marketing consultancy during M&A processes. Trends, market, competition and consumer behaviour analyses, strategic recommendations and scenario planning.

Getin Bank

Insight mining, strategic inspirations and cooperation with 180heartbeats + Jung v. Matt on Zbliż Wakacje project - a completely new way to donate little aids to a lofty purpose.


Marketing analysis, strategic workshop and communication concepts for the Vikings series and History Channel.


Brand audit and strategic workshops. Brand positioning optimization followed by communication strategy for digital channels.

Telewizja Polska

Holistic Polish and foreign markets analysis. Strategic workshops (persona building / business model canvas), brand architecture and launch campaign guidelines.

Foundation for Social and Economic Initiative

Full cooperation on creating "Watch it!" programme.
"Watch it!" is an educational programme, aimed at NGOs and advertising environment.

Dr Gerard

Business consultancy for one of the Polish sweets category leaders: broad analysis of the sales results followed by a specific recommendation of portfolio rearrangement optimizing marketing and product management efficiency.

International Paper

Market research and analysis, strategic workshops, brand architecture, positioning and communication strategy targeted at business partners and end users.


Complete strategic guidance over Winiary brand and communication strategy in Pomysł na... - Zupy i Majonezy category.

Vision Express

Business and marketing analysis. Communication strategy, series of workshops and on-going marketing consultancy.


Brand repositioning, holistic strategic workshops (business, communication, technology, creative, global approach), brand communication strategy and guidelines for creatives, tech and UX.


Polish market launch strategy. Brand and communication strategy.


Brand audit and strategic workshops. Brand positioning optimization followed by communication strategy for digital channels.


Qualitative research among the investment's Clients, insight mining, strategic workshops, brand strategy actualization and consumer service guidelines.


Brand strategy, business analysis, communication strategy, strategic workshops and scenario planning.
Complete cooperation on brand repositionig before its expansion on international market.

Q4 Windows Group

Complete category analysis on 5 European markets. Interviews with all levels of employees, ended with 2 strategic workshops. Developing new brand, positioning, ID and architecture.


Communication strategy for 2016-2017. targeted at people between 25-45.
Final strategy is the effect of cooperation with Fenomem agency, which was responsible for adjusting our strategy to digital, social media and ATL.


Market research and analysis. Brand repositioning, strategic workshops, communication strategy and creative guidelines.


Consulting in the field of reaserch and marketing.
Market, competition and consumer research and analysis. Scenario planning.

Zakochaj się w Warszawie

Market research and analysis. Strategic idea and creative supervision for the Szlak Kulturalnych Piwnic Starego Miasta initiative.

Blue Pocket

Product potential analysis. Brand positioning, communication strategy and creative guidelines.


Market, competition and consumer research. Brand positioning and communication strategy. Creative guidelines and process supervision.


Complete research and analysis of the market landscape. Dedicated market research. Strategic workshop and communication concepts for the new Lifetime channel.

HFT Brokers

Advanced research and business analysis. Positioning the new brand on the market and communication strategy.

Loyalty Point

Cooperation as the external strategy department for existing Clients and pitches. Communication strategy for the World Animal Day 2016 campaign for Central and Eastern Europe markets.

Lubię to

Communication strategy and insight mining for current and potential Clients.


Strategic workshops, complete companies' environment researches, and communication strategy for the agency's Clients.


Research-strategic cooperation for Clients including HFT Brokers, Shell Helix, Lilou and TVP.


Strategic support for the pitches, cooperation on ad campaigns.

Złap Raka Za Jaja

Strategic support for the award-winning #łapjaja campaign, which was promoting prevention of testicular cancer.

San Markos

External strategy department for existing Clients and pitches.


Cooperation as the external strategy department for existing Clients and pitches.


Cooperation as the external strategy department for existing Clients and pitches.


External strategy department for existing Clients and pitches.

180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT

Analysis, strategy, insight mining for current and potential Clients.


Communication strategy. Cooperation as the external strategy department for existing Clients and pitches.


Close cooperation with this constantly developing digital and social media agency.
Creative, strategic and business workshops. External strategy department for existing Clients and pitches.


External strategy department for existing Clients and pitches.


Strategic assumptions for "Poukładaj sobie raka" campaign, as part of a bigger collective of ad, media and PR agencies.

Zwierzęca Polana

Communication strategy for the award-winning "Dopasowani kompani" campaign, which was encouraging people to adopt pets responsibly.


PR strategy for the "Pomóż wilkom" campaign.

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